KUMUD METAL FOUNDRY PVT. LTD was established in 1960 as a family owned company with the choice on best practice and high grade technology. As family owned company, we always focused our development with the human Values and the competence development of each employee, for making it as strength of our organization.

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Specialized technology has always been a company's Characteristics, hence KUMUD METAL FOUNDRY PVT. LIMITED became specialized in Copper & Aluminium Base alloy since inception. With time KMFPL always remain on the edge and selected to manufacture very critical castings of tricky alloys. At present we are one of the leading manufacturer of Valves Bodies & Its Accessories in Nickel aluminium Bronze for very critical application on off shore, defence and oil refineries, Liners in High Tensile Brass for steel plants, Worm Wheel in Phosphorous Bronze for heavy duty reduction gear boxes and other material Handling industry Etc..

During all these years KUMUD METAL FOUNDRY PVT. LIMITED. has gained high level Competence in producing Copper & Aluminium Base Alloy in Machine Mould, Hand Mould, GDC, Investment (Lost Wax Process) Castings for many of Domestic as well as International Customers. KMFPL has always concentrated more on Customer's requirements and focused on customers' satisfaction.

KUMUD METAL FOUNDRY PVT. LTD has created its own technical competency right from selection of raw material to final product to reach at customer's door in shortest time and with best safety. Our technical team always on their toes to provide best service and value for money. Our team is always ready to suggest the best alternate economical material, without compromising on Quality. With the active support of buyer, our team can provide better suggestions for economising the product cost, Reduce the delivery time.


KUMUD METAL FOUNDRY PVT. LTD produces Cores In house to give complete satisfaction on quality and on time Production, to satisfy the Customer needs both in terms of Design and Deliveries. The high technology production guarantees the higher standard on the market in terms of dimensional accuracy.


KUMUD METAL FOUNDRY PVT. LTD Always intend to produce the best castings and hence we never compromise on the quality of raw material. To achieve the RIGHT chemistry of material used, the molten metal is tested ON LINE with best and precise SPECTROMETER prior to pouring in the mould boxes. This ensure the RIGHT chemistry and ON TIME DELIVERY of castings to our valued customers. Our shop floor employees are highly experienced and dedicated to their duties, which ensures best QUALITY castings to our valued customers RIGHT AT FIRST TIME.


High QUALITY castings produced by KMFPL for the valued customers are cleaned, fettled in highly mechanised fettling shop. All castings are SHOT BLASTED for 100% sand removal from the surface and for better finish. The valve bodies and other intricret parts are cleaned with flexible shaft grinder for better aesthetical look. The fettling Process is not limited to the normal fettling but includes all the finishing operations requested by customer.


KUMUD METAL FOUNDRY PVT. LTD. Can Deliver Complete finish Products as per Customers' design / Requirement. This reduces the paper work and transportation cost to our valued customers.

KUMUD METAL FOUNDRY PVT. LTD. uses best Practice also in this phase with the purpose to offer the highest performance in terms of quality, Flexibility and on time deliveries to the customers.


Our first policy is BEST QUALITY and hence we always pay more attention to produce the best with the help of following

  • The overall process includes all the phase from initial Thinking to the final Checks.
  • Spectrometer.
  • Sand Hardness Meter
  • Material Temperature Control.
  • Sand Moisture meter
  • Shot Blasting Machine.
  • Computerized Magnification Equipment.
  • When you think of quality, accuracy and 100% reliability in castings, one name stands out in the industry Kumud Metal Foundry Pvt. Ltd.

    Backed by 53 years of experience (the Company began its success story in1960) and expertise, Kumud Metal Foundry's castings are found in every field and industry. Right from the defense of our country, to taking Aerospace to greater heights, Kumud Metal Foundry has been instrumental in helping the nation move ahead contributing to a greater green revolution and helping tap treasures under the seas. We are the cornerstone of the country's most reputed architecture from factories and industries to residential complexes.

    We pride ourselves on being the specialists who produce the finest non-ferrous castings. And we have mastered the technique of manufacturing castings in tricky alloys like Aluminum Bronze, Manganese Bronze, Silicon Bronze, Cupro Nickel and high conductivity Copper castings. Our full-service capabilities make us your one-stop casting source, responsible for selection of metal assistance to precision machining and metal finishing .

    As one of the most recognised names in the business, our reputation has grown to being an innovator and quality setter who provides path-breaking castings for leading OEM's machines, technology and product lines.

    We touch every sphere of life with our contribution in the field of special purpose valves and pumps in Nickel Aluminum Bronze used in off-shore projects, Aluminum Thrust bearings for Reciprocating type compressors in Aluminum Tin alloy, Thin walled, minimum opening 3mm close type Impellers. and more. Our valve bodies, pump bodies, impellers, pump casings, Venturies, wedges, seal plates in Gun Metal, Nickel Aluminum Bronze and Cupro Nickel Alloys set the standard for excellence in the industry.

    Our expertise has helped us specialize in Gear & Worm Blanks in Ph. Bronze and Aluminum Bronze Grade castings manufacture. These are manufactured with C.I. & M.S. Hub at the centre, so that better economy is achieved keeping the functional requirements at the forefront.

    Kumud Metal Foundry Pvt. Ltd. contributes to the development of our customers' process breakthroughs by manufacturing state-of-the-art castings for their exacting needs and we have achieved the minimum defect quality standard. Precision craftsmanship within a tight tolerance and quick turnaround is our specialty.

    Our Casting alloys have good strength and are durable, lightweight, rust-proof, corrosion resistant, have excellent current carrying and wear properties, are easily finished by plating or with organic or inorganic finishes, have self-lubricating properties and excellent castability.

    The Company has made milestone achievements with its exports to the USA, latin America, south east Aisa , Australia and the Middle East. And we take pride in saying that Kumud Metal castings are used for making products that are exported all over the world. With our increased production facilities, Kumud Metal Foundry looks to satisfying the needs of the nation first and then will ready itself to take on the world

    Our highly skilled workforce, coupled with enhanced engineering, is second to none. To support our skilled craftsmen and engineers, Kumud Metal Foundry Pvt. Ltd. is equipped with world class technology and laboratory facilities.

    The company has acquired state of the art equipment like LIP Axis Titling Furnace, 5 M.Ton Overhead Crane to take up single piece casting of 500 kgs, Jolt Squeeze Type Moulding Machines for higher and better production, Spectrometer for accuracy of chemical composition, Shot Blasting , Vacuum Impregnator plants, Send Hardness Meter, Material Temperature Control, Sand Moisture Meter, Computerized Magnifications equipments for better quality and service.

    Quality Control plays an important role in Kumud Metal Foundry. Chemical analysis have always been given priority and significance. Our investment in Quality has positioned us to best serve our customers' varied needs.

    To meet the increasing demand for our high precision, high performance castings, we have started another 10,000 sq ft modern, well maintained plant facility at Tarapur, MIDC, Thane. This operates with a high degree of automation, computerization, and support systems, with an installed capacity of 360 M.Ton per annum, to ensure quality workmanship and personal service resulting in 90% on-time delivery rate, with 100% satisfaction of our high quality standards and cost-effectiveness.

    Kumud Metal Foundry Pvt. Ltd. has already begun investing for a better future of the nation. The Company is gearing itself to expand the production capacity by 4 times, to meet the ever-increasing demand for production. Kumud Metal Foundry aims to achieve its manufacturing target of 30 metric tones per month within the next 1 years.

    To make Kumud Metal Foundry Pvt. Ltd. the nation's most major Foundry. The Company will expand the manufacturing capacity. How we plan to achieve this Vision: Kumud Metal Foundry will continue to invest in R& D and will revolutionize and innovate world-class technology. The Company will grow in leaps and bounds once our production capacity is enhanced and we are able to meet more and more customer's demands. Not only will customers share in this dream, but also Stakeholders. Soon people will invest with us, knowing we are a trusted name not only by our direct customers, but a name that is known to every citizen of our country.

    To earn the reputation of being your Company's and the nation's most valued supplier of castings. Kumud Metal Foundry Pvt. Ltd. aims to accomplish this by utilizing advanced engineering technology, continuous process improvement, value-added services, and the applied skill and craftsmanship of our team.